Elemax Edge with Nano Silver Black 6 Pair Multipack


$79.20 $90

The innovative solution to the age-old laundry dilemma: Elemax Edge Silver Series Socks!!! We've crafted socks to make your life easier & more enjoyable. Say goodbye to the never-ending cycle of washing and drying, and hello to more time for the things you love, like flying drones and savoring a cold beer.

Our socks are engineered with cutting-edge technology, military grade nano silver, which resist odor, so you can stay fresh and funk-free for days on end. With a convenient 6-pack, you'll have enough socks to last you through, at least, 7-10 days without worrying about unpleasant odors or the need for constant washing.


Cushion: Full
Sock Height: 
Ankle Quarter
Men's shoe sizes 9-12
Care Instructions:
Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low Heat
Silver Wash Test: 
60 Washes per pair
Construction: 74% Combed Cotton/22% Nylon/4% Spandex

Sock Features

 Combed Cotton
 Nano Silver
 Anti Odor
 Superior Soft
 Y Stitch Heel
 Flat Seam
 Arch Support

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