Behind the question "What's on Your Feet?"

So, what’s behind Paul Bryan’s slogan “What’s on Your Feet”?  At first it sounds like a silly question; “What’s on your feet?  Well, take a look, shoes, socks, what does it look like to you?”  With super busy lifestyles along with the instant gratification world we live in, it seems no one is taking the time to ask the question “are my feet really comfortable?”.  That’s when Paul Bryan decided to put the quirky question out there “What’s on Your Feet?”.  This simple question would call attention to that poor pair of digits that get walked all over all day and sometimes half the night.  Are they comfortable?  Do they sweat?  Do they stink?  And how could something as simple as a quality made pair of luxury socks make the days and nights better for your feet?  No solution to any problem can be found unless you address the problems and find fixes, right?  So, when Paul Bryan asks, “What’s on Your Feet?” we are really asking you to pay attention to your feet and tell us what issues you might have so that we can offer a solution.  At Paul Bryan USA, we pride ourselves on striving to be a company you can always count on to solve all your (pedi) problems.  If you have what we lovingly call “Stanky” feet, just pick up a pair of our ELEMAX Silver Series socks.  These babies are packed with a nano-silver treatment used by our very own U.S. Navy and Marines, so you know they put them to the “Stank” test!  The nano-silver treatment is a natural odor inhibitor so you can wear these socks for days without washing them and remain “Stank” free.  They also are antimicrobial, and antifungal so they keep all that nasty stuff from growing on your feet.  Plus, they come in two different thicknesses.  If you like more of a cushy fit, the ELEMAX Edge full cushion is for you.  If you like a thinner fit the ELEMAX half cushion is the best choice. 

What if you have trouble keeping your feet cool?  There’s a sock for that too!  It’s our Versa with Coolmax Series.  The Versa has Coolmax yarn sewn right in.  This amazing fabric wicks moisture and sweat away from the skin and keeps feet cool and dry during any activity.  Super comfy too, so you have a very versatile sock that can lounge just as well as it can perform.

And finally, how about a triple whammy?  A sock that is a fashion statement, supports a great cause, and is packed full of features to keep your feet as comfortable as possible.  Yes, it does exist.  It’s our Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon Merino Wool Argyle socks.  This hot little number is super stylish with a gray, pink and charcoal color argyle pattern with a pink ribbon proudly displayed on the welt.  Merino wool is pretty amazing stuff.  No wonder why sheep wear it all the time!  It’s naturally moisture wicking, super soft, antimicrobial, temperature regulating, breathable, and even anti-odor.  And the third of the triple whammy is with every pair of Paul Bryan Pink Ribbon socks purchased we will donate one dollar to breast cancer research!  Not only do you get an awesome pair of socks, you’re helping to end this horrible disease once and for all.  So, now, ask yourself, “What’s on Your Feet?”, and ponder the question from a whole new perspective.